Pre-School, Pre-School, Pre-School, man do we have fun!!!! We learn more through play at this age. We are discovering our boundaries and becoming our own individuals. We do circle time which includes: Stories, songs, colors, numbers, and letter sounds, the weather, maps, and on and on….

Infant Room:
In the Infant Room, there is no set schedule for activities as each child and their schedules is unique to them.  We change their diapers every 2 hours unless otherwise needed. We stimulate the children in their new surrounds of life by cuddling and loving on them. They get lots of tummy time and floor time, songs, story time, and plenty of quiet activities. As the children get older they will get to participate in more art and sensory activities.  There’s lots of exploring going on in this room as they are trying to figure out life. 

Toddler Room:
We are having fun in this room exploring our new territory; we are discovering out just who we are and becoming very independent people!

  In the toddler room, we work on different skill sets through different projects planned by the teachers. We do circle time which includes stories, songs, colors, the alphabet …. all to get ready for Pre-School.

Pre-Kindergarten is more academic to get them ready for the classroom in Kindergarten. Each child has a cubby in the Pre-K room to keep their own work in, each student has a work box filled with crayons, markers, pencils, scissors, etc... to practice keeping track of their own belongings.

These are some examples of things we work on in Pre-K:
Pre-Math / Shapes / Patterns
Language / Letter Sounds / Sign Language  
Physical Skills / Body Language
Science / Healthy Habits /
Creative Expressions / Art
Social Development

Program Philosophy

Rising Stars philosophy is based on meeting the developmental needs of the children. It is based on the concept that most children can learn the skills essential to succeed in life, that each child learns at their own rate and that success in learning will develop the child’s sense of self. We respect families as the primary and most important providers of care and nurturing and we believe parents and teachers are partners in children’s care and education.

 We proved opportunities for social, emotion, intellectual and physical growth. The roll of the teachers is to facilitate children’s growth and development by providing a curriculum that builds and constructs new knowledge with a clear understanding of each child’s current development.